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Abbreviations and Acronyms Commonly Found in Online Personals

Have you ever been confused as to what all of the abbreviations found in your local newspaper personal ads or online personals actually mean? Sometimes browsing through personal ads is more like deciphering a puzzle than looking for that special someone. Web Personals Online has put together this Guide To Abbreviations Used in Personal Ads to assist our visitors when reading the thousands of online personals posted by our members. We hope this short dating glossary makes your internet dating experience a little less stressful! Although these abbreviations can appear throughout any given personal ad, they are most commonly used in the ad headline and can understanding these terms can save you a LOT of time when searching through online personals.

A: Asian

AL: Animal Lover

AT: All That


BBW: Big Beautiful Woman (could also mean: Big Breasted Woman)

BD: Bondage/Domination

BHM: Big Handsome Man

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Bi: Bi-Sexual

C: Couple (could also mean: Cute, Christian)

D: Divorced

D/D Free: Drug and Disease Free

F: Female

FA: Fat Acceptance

FS: Financially Secure (could also mean Financially Stable, not to be confused with SF, which would stand for Single Female)

G: Gay

H: Hispanic

I: Indian

IPT: Is Partial To

ISO: In Search Of

J: Jewish

K: Kids

L: Lesbian (could also mean: Latino, although H for Hispanic is more commonly used even by Latinos.)

LDR: Long Distance Relationship

LS: Legally Separated

LTR: Long Term Relationship

LD: Light Drinker

M: Male (could also mean: Married, but this is not common usage and normally only used in swingers-type personals)

ND: Non-Drinker

NK: No Kids

NM: Not Married (could also mean: Never Married)

NS: Non-Smoker

P: Professional

S: Single

W: White (could also stand for: Widowed, examine context of ad)

WAA: Will Answer All (as in will respond to all contacts/questions about their online personal ad)

Wi: Widowed

WLTM: (Would Like To Meet)

WTR: Willing to Relocate

X: Extreme (could also mean adult situations OK)

Y: You (Your)

Putting it All Together

Now that you know what the basic abbreviations found in online personal ads stand for, how about a few examples of real personal ads headlines that use these acronyms? Since many of the abbreviations detailed above are used in conjunction with each other, seeing some actual personal ads is really the best way to make sure you have a complete understanding of how these terms and abbreviations are used.

Sample Personal Ad Headline #1

SWF seeks GM for friendship only.
Single White Female seeks Gay Male for friendship only.
Glossary Abbreviations: S, W, F, G, M

Sample Personal Ad Headline #2

SWCM seeks SWCF or WiWCF for possible LTR.
Single White Christian Male seeks Single White Christian Female or Widowed White Christian Female for possible Long Term Relationship.
Glossary Abbreviations: S, W, C, F, LTR,  M, Wi

Sample Personal Ad Headline #3

SHM NK WLTM SHF NK for dating.
Single Hispanic Male with No Kids Would Like To Meet Single Hispanic Female with No Kids for dating.
Glossary Abbreviations: S, H, F, M, NK, WLTM

Sample Personal Ad Headline #4

SWJM seeks SWJF for LTR. WTR.
Single White Jewish Male seeks Single White Jewish Female for Long Term Relationship. Willing To Relocate..
Glossary Abbreviations: S, W, J, M, F, LTR, WTR

Sample Personal Ad Headline #5

SBF seeks SBM or SHM for clubbing. NS preferred.
Single Black Female seeks Single Black Male or Single Hispanic Male for clubbing. Non-Smoker preferred.
Glossary Abbreviations: S, B, M, F, H, NS

Searching through online personals can be fun, but for a newcomer or someone without a lot of experience reading personal ads, this can be a daunting task. We hope that this Guide to Abbreviations Used in Online Personal Ads helps make your internet dating experience go a little smoother.  And, hey, now that you are experienced with all these personal ad abbreviations and acronyms, why don't you place your own free online personal ad right now?


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