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Discover the best online dating offers, including free trial memberships, bonus subscriptions, and cash back promotions from the biggest online personals sites. Check out Yahoo Personals Free Trial and get in on the fun! Another fantastic dating offer we have discovered is the 7-Day Free Trial open to all new members of this fast growing dating site. One of the longest running 'try-before-you-buy'  online personals site  offers has to be the 7-Day Free Trial

Online Dating Research

Several of the biggest online dating sites have recently increased their subscription prices. Compare monthly membership prices at, eHarmony and before you decide on which online dating site you are going to join.

Ever wonder about the members of the different top rated online dating sites? Curious about their visitor demographics? Check out our latest research study, entitled the Demographics of Online Dating for some eye-opening information about the membership at each of the major online dating sites.

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If you are one of the many single men and women seeking personals then check out some of our newest online dating members! Also, don't forget to check out our brand new women seeking men personals for the best online personal ads from women looking to date attractive men like you!

Latin Singles

As a Gracias to all of our Hispanic members, we will be featuring more dating sites devoted, specifically, to the Latin Community.  The first gratis dating site dedicated to Latin singles that we have chosen to profile here is Enjoy!

Lesbian Personals Online

Women who are seeking relationships with other women are finally being presented with more alternatives as far as the dating scene is concerned. Both online and offline, it is becoming easier for lesbian women to find other women for dating.  Whether you are a woman looking for a casual situation or whether you are a woman who is looking for a more serious relationship, we hope that we can help guide you to the best online dating sites for gay women. As same-sex relationships for women are becoming more mainstream with the likes of successful women like Ellen, Rosie and Melissa all involved with other women, there is no longer such a stigma attached to women who are interested in alternative relationships.  This area of is dedicated to helping gay women find other lesbian women through the major online dating sites without too much hassle and without too much fuss. One of the major online dating sites, specifically dedicated to lesbian dating is This site has between two to three million member profiles from women interested in dating other women and has been growing steadily.  There are several features that are available to women who sign up for a free membership, including the ability to post a dating profile, upload photos and receive messages from other members. If lesbian dating is new to you, we have provided some excellent resources dedicated to the gay and lesbian lifestyle, as well as issues that men and women in same-sex relationships face, at the bottom of this page.

So while you are certainly capable of meeting women at the local bar or club, sometimes it is easier and certainly more convenient, especially if you are a busy professional, to meet someone online.  There are positives and negatives to the online dating scene, just as there are positives and negatives to the offline dating scene. Let's get right into it and discuss some of the things you need to know when joining an online dating site for women  like

Once you post your profile (hopefully including an attractive picture of yourself) you will most likely receive several responses from other women who notice your picture, like your profile and want to start a discussion. (Note: If you do not receive any responses, or would like some advice about how to get the most results form your lesbian photo personal, just click this link!) If you are new to the online dating scene, it may be somewhat tricky to discern who is sincere and who is not.  It takes some practice, but after you read the Instant Message(s) left by the women on the site and gauge their tone, you will have a pretty good idea who is sincere and who is just 'goofing' around. And you may encounter some members who are both less serious and more serious about meeting online.

One of our foremost recommendations is this: IF the messages you are receiving are making you uncomfortable, you need to make this known to the other individual. Sometimes, things can get steamy and if you're OK with some of the heavy flirting that does occur on lesbian dating sites, then fine.  But if you are not comfortable with this, you should always inform the other woman and if the situation persists, contact the site administrator.

Usually, the singles you meet on a site like LesbianPersonals.comare sincere and, like you, are interested in finding a lesbian relationship.  The key to finding the right person is your free profile.  We suggest that you take a considerable amount of time to describe yourself, what type of woman you are interested in dating and definitely consider the 'tone' of your profile.  We have noticed that if your free profile sounds 'flirty' you'll generally receive messages from women who like to flirt.  If that's what you are interested in, then great.  If, however, you are interested in a more serious relationship, your dating profile should be more serious.  So take time to create an interesting, comprehensive profile, couple this with an attractive photo using our suggestions from the link above and in no time, you will meet other women for dating.

If you are interested in viewing lesbian personal ads, or wish to give it a try and create your own, just remember our visitors can create their own Lesbian online personal ad for free on

One other piece of advice we would like to give our visitors, especially, when it comes to lesbian dating sites, is that many, many of the smaller sites are powered by the same members database.  What this means is that many websites that claim to offer 'Lesbian Personals' contain the same members from site to site.  Since the percentage of women seeking same-sex relationships online is much smaller than single men and women interested in heterosexual dating, many gay women dating sites all contain the same members!  While we don't want to mention any specific sites, here is a hint about how to avoid such sites: If the site name makes you want to 'dance', we suggest you look elsewhere and actually with sites like, there is no need to join any other lesbian dating site.

So why not get started. Keep it fun and friendly, take some time thinking about how you want to come across to the other members, write a comprehensive profile describing yourself, your interests, your likes and dislikes and be open for a new, fun and exciting adventure.

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