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Discover the best online dating offers, including free trial memberships, bonus subscriptions, and cash back promotions from the biggest online personals sites. Check out Yahoo Personals Free Trial and get in on the fun! Another fantastic dating offer we have discovered is the 7-Day Free Trial open to all new members of this fast growing dating site. One of the longest running 'try-before-you-buy'  online personals site  offers has to be the 7-Day Free Trial

Online Dating Research

Several of the biggest online dating sites have recently increased their subscription prices. Compare monthly membership prices at, eHarmony and before you decide on which online dating site you are going to join.

Ever wonder about the members of the different top rated online dating sites? Curious about their visitor demographics? Check out our latest research study, entitled the Demographics of Online Dating for some eye-opening information about the membership at each of the major online dating sites.

Newest Dating Site Members

If you are one of the many single men and women seeking personals then check out some of our newest online dating members! Also, don't forget to check out our brand new women seeking men personals for the best online personal ads from women looking to date attractive men like you!

Latin Singles

As a Gracias to all of our Hispanic members, we will be featuring more dating sites devoted, specifically, to the Latin Community.  The first gratis dating site dedicated to Latin singles that we have chosen to profile here is Enjoy!

Dating Sites Versus Relationship Sites

A new type of online dating site is emerging and changing the face of internet dating as we know it. This new breed of dating site, called a 'relationship site' has several characteristics that distinguish it from the more traditional online personals sites with which you are familiar. In this article, is going to list the characteristics of relationship sites, as well as those of the more traditional online dating sites in an effort to distinguish the similarities and differences between these two types of dating sites.

Characteristics of Traditional Online Dating Sites

Let's take a look at some of the distinguishing characteristics of  traditional dating sites like

  • Large membership base of varying age groups having different motivations for joining the site
  • Free Browsing of all profiles
  • Allows free posting of your own personal ad or dating profile
  • Minimum requirements for membership (i.e. pretty much anybody over 18 with a valid credit card can join)
  • Contact any other member once you join
  • Generally have more male members
  • Median income of members tends to be lower
  • Traditional online dating sites, include and Yahoo! Personals

Characteristics of Relationship Sites

Now we'll examine some characteristics of these newer, relationship sites and explore the similarities and differences between these two types of matchmaking sites.

  • Personality profiles are generally a requirement to membership

  • Free browsing of profiles may not be allowed

  • Sites like eHarmony typically provide you with your compatibility matches, you don't select them

  • Relationship sites may reject you if your personality profile does not generate any matches (even if you DO have a credit card!)

  • Members are more inclined to be seeking a serious relationship

  • Tend to be slightly more expensive than traditional online dating sites (but what isn't more expensive in today's economy?)

  • Generally have more female members

  • Median income of members tends to be higher

  • Typical relationship sites, include eHarmony and


So to review, traditional online dating sites generally have a large membership base with single men and women who all have different motivations for joining the site. Certainly there are members who are seeking long-tern relationships, but others may be simply looking for friendship or just someone to date. Barriers to joining a traditional online dating site, like, are also lower and really only require someone to meet the minimum age requirement and have a valid credit card. 

Relationship sites, on the other hand, have members who have a more singular purpose for joining, which is to meet someone for a long-term relationship. Most relationship sites, like eHarmony, require potential members to complete personality profiles, which are detailed questionnaires about each individual member. Some relationship sites do the matching for you, unlike traditional online dating sites that let you browse all member profiles and contact whomever you wish. Finally, another difference between online dating sites and relationship sites is that relationship sites tend to be a little pricier. Click here for a detailed breakdown of subscription prices at all of the major online dating and relationship sites.

We hope you have found something useful from this article, Dating Sites Versus Relationship Sites. If you think it could benefit others who may be undecided about which type of online dating site to join, please feel free to recommend it!


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